A fallow can be almost any body color. Fallows are colored very much like a normal budgie except where it would normally be black on the wings, it is brown, and their body colors look somewhat washed out.
Fallows are very close in appearance to cinnamons. There are only a few minor differences between them one being that the fallow's brown coloring is slightly darker than the cinnamon; more of a bronze color, while its body color is slightly lighter. But the most distinguishing feature between a fallow and a cinnamon is that the fallow has dark red eyes. (Darker than the eyes of the Inos). There are 2 different classifications of Fallow: German and English - the only difference between them being that the English Fallow is a recessive trait while the German Fallow is a sex-linked trait.


Fallow Light Green

Fallow Dark Green

Fallow Olive Green

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